If you have found an orphaned or injured animal or bird please call one of the following emergency wildlife numbers immediately:


wv logo number

You can also download the Snap Send Solve app and report wildlife emergencies from your mobile phone: Snap Send Solve is an Australian made app and is free to download from:

Snap Send Solve Logo 250x    App Store or Google Play


If it is safe to do so, throw a towel or blanket over the animal's head.

If it is a small animal such as a bird or a possum, place the animal in a well ventilated box with a towel on the base to help the animal keep stable. Keep the animal in a cool and dark place until it is with a wildlife carer or a vet.

If you have found a joey in the pouch of a deceased animal, and the joey is attached to the mothers teat, never pull the joey off the teat - instead cut the teat. Once you have the joey out of the pouch, wrap the joey in a pillowslip and put it inside your top so that its body temperature is regulated. 

Please follow these guidelines to give the animal the best chance of survival:

  • do not handle the animal more than absolutely necessary,
  • do not let children or family pets near the animal
  • keep the animal quiet and dark

Wild animals become very distressed easily and freqently die of stress in the presence of well meaning humans.